Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions boast benefits such as simplifying resource management and maintenance as well as reducing energy consumption through resource consolidation. To develop and employ sophisticated resource management, accurate power and performance models of the hardware resources in a virtualized environment are needed. LifestyleIT can assist organizations with all aspects of Cloud solutions from strategy and planning to implementation and migration. Our Cloud solutions draw on a centre of competency with highly skilled professionals focused on developing and executing consolidation and virtualization best practices. Our main focus is to assist you with the costs of purchasing and maintaining servers as one of the most controllable expenses. LifestyleIT’s Cloud solutions are individually customized and implemented based upon your company’s requirements.


To maximize the potential of the Cloud, LifestyleIT will:

“Always be on-hand to steer you safely through the Cloud, cherry-picking the parts that are relevant, secure and future proof including seamless integration into your business operations. Thus helping your business free up personnel, time, resources and finances for investment and development.”

    • A virtually limitless internet-based shared resource that consumers can tap into wherever and whenever
    • Affordable and instant accessibility and response delivers the best of shared resources, software and information direct to your computers or other devices
    • IT development – reducing capital outlay by introducing predictable operational costs; transforming delivery models to respond to strategic business requirements
    • Collaboration – making the transition from vertical integration to a safer, more supportive, horizontal networked model
    • All operational risks are proactively monitored and managed
    • Faster response – helping your business to meet customer needs more quickly
    • Full reporting, service desk, data transparency and security